How Taufeeq Rahim & Victor Sodia Helped A Rental Become Homeowners

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Debt Consolidation Milton

As leading mortgage agents (level 2) in Milton, Ontario, we work with a wide variety of clients to help them achieve their dream of financial freedom. While some clients have an easier path to this freedom, we pride ourselves on helping clients achieve financial freedom when all the odds seem stacked against them.

We’ve worked with a number of clients that were set up for failure but turned their ships around and pointed them towards success with our methodical and detailed approach.

Keep reading to learn about how we helped a client fulfill their dream of homeownership.

The Challenge: Inability to save for a downpayment due to high rental expenses.

In the mortgage business, we often run into people with good credit and great stable income, but they’re unable to fulfill their dream of homeownership as they are unable to come up with the amount required for a downpayment.

Recently, we were approached by one such client, who couldn’t afford a home as they were paying a high amount of rent. After analyzing the client’s situation, we convinced them that homeownership isn’t only a pipe dream and that by continuing to pay exorbitant rent, there were only helping pay off someone else’s mortgage and were not gaining any equity.

Once we successfully explained the reasons behind the client’s inability to shore up for a downpayment, the client was open to creating a new plan of action.

The Solution: Setting up a plan and collectively working towards executing it.

We worked with our client to better understand their financial situation, and once we had our broad parameters outlined, we researched the many different lenders to find a suitable one with the best rates and conditions for our client.

After a couple of meetings and ironing out of some of the finer points, we were able to help our clients secure a down payment through borrowed funds and qualify them for a mortgage to purchase the desired property.

Within a relatively short period, our clients went from aspiring homeowners to homeowners working towards building their own home equity and financial freedom.

The Bottom Line

By working with Taufeeq Rahim & Victor Sodia, our clients were able to move into their new home in minimal time and save the maximum amount. This is only one of the many examples that show how our reliable mortgage agents (level 2) in Milton, Ontario, help you find the right mortgage to fit your lifestyle and future financial goals.

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