Why Us and Not Your Local Bank?

Why us and not your local bank?

​When you walk into a branch, the financial services manager or advisor who will process the application is not only doing mortgages.

He or she sells other financial products/services as well, your bank accounts setup, TFSA, investments, RRSP, etc.

​If you go back to your branch after 3-5 years to renew your mortgage, do not be surprised if you find the person you dealt with last time has been posted elsewhere.

​The simple reason behind this is that the Bank wants you to have a business relationship with the brand (the Bank), and not it's employees. That way no matter who is there to assist you, you will be dealing with the brand.

​So when you get a less than stellar service, your questions and calls are not answered on time, or something detrimental occurs to your application, do not be surprised or even shocked.

​Your advisor at the bank is helping many others, wearing many different hats on a daily basis, and does not have a personal stake in your file.

To this extent, his or her conduct may even be forgive-able.

They are human beings whose time and energy is stretched to the maximum to ensure the bank is getting it's money's worth.

​Although an extreme example: It is like asking your basement renovation guy to do the electrical and plumbing work as well, just because he has some idea about those kind of work. Well, if the house burns down or your basement ends up flooding, who will pay for it? You will.

​​This is where a mortgage agent or broker is different, and vital to your long-term mortgage success!


Our Point of Difference?

​We specialize in one thing, and that is providing the best mortgage options for our clients.

Everything else, we refer to others who specialize in their respective fields, as it should be.

​Our goal to deliver a great customer experience by making sure that we have discussed all phases of the purchase and mortgage process.


P.A.C.E. (Our way to serve you best each and every time!)

P (Pro-Active): The key to a successful and timely mortgage closing is to be organized before the application submission. We fully prequalify your application, including review of all relevant documents, so that you can proceed with confidence of a successful close.

A (Assist) : We will guide you along the way in obtaining the necessary papers., and follow-up to ensure you are on top of it.

C (Communicate): You do not have to chase us for updates. Once we have reviewed the file, we go over the process together, we advise you on what the next steps, and update you as we reach each milestone. We encourage you to communicate with us whenever you feel the need, as it is one of the most important factors to ensure a smooth close and your overall satisfaction.

E (Educate): We discuss various mortgage features and options, to find out what is suitable for our mutual clients. We work to get them acquainted with mortgage rules and present market, so that they are in the driver seat. And we provide ongoing manageable assistance and advice to help you can maintain your lifestyle and find ways to pay off the mortgage sooner.


​We will walk you through 

​The Pre-qualifying Stage : this is where we complete your application, review all related documents, discuss your needs and wants to arrive at a game plan. This is all done well before we submit the application to a lender.

​The Pre-Approval Stage : This is where we submit your application to a lender in order to get a rate-hold that we have identified as being suitable for you.

​The Approval Stage :This is where the lender comes back to us with an approval and conditions of the approval that we must satisfy before the lender releases funds.

​The Final Stage :This is where the appraisal has been ordered, completed, and instructions for closing the mortgage has been sent to your solicitor.

Our continued commitment to you

​Once your mortgage is closed, we will continue to stay in touch with you, providing assistance to help ensure you can keep a comfortable lifestyle based on your situation, and pay your mortgage off sooner!

​Our commitment to you is life-long, and not just on one transaction, even if you end up living in your property until it is paid off. To us that is the best thing we can do, HELPING YOU FIND WAYS TO PAY YOUR MORTGAGE OFF SOONER!

​To your mortgage success!

​Taufeeq and Victor