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At Your Lifestyle Mortgage we understand that life happens, and sometimes it is just not possible to avoid piling up a high debt that simply seems impossible to bring under control.

During these hard times, we are faced with 3 main options

  • Filing for Bankruptcy – where we do not have to pay anything, but we lose all access to credit, and in many cases our prized and valued possessions (including a home, car, etc)
  • Filing for Consumer Proposal – while a bit better than filing a bankruptcy, a consumer proposal will still halt our access to credit, reflect as a bankruptcy on the bureau while we settle on a repayment term.
  • Refinance - can be the most effective and least costly way out of the three options.

A refinance will allow you to

  • Have one monthly payment
  • Keep your credit intact (for future needs)
  • Keep all your possessions
  • Pay a lower interest rate than what the creditors charge
  • Stop any collection calls
  • Pay off CRA arrears (if applicable)

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