our difference, our services versus the banks

Our services versus the local bank

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At www.yourlifestylemortgage.com our focus is solely on our customers in providing the best possible services that we are capable of in taking care of them. As a small business this is paramount to our success, to build strong relations with our clients by treating them right, working on their situations as if they are our own, and staying in touch through advices and assistance whenever they need us. Below are some of the highlights that set us apart from the services offered at the local bank branch.


  www.yourlifestylemortgage.com The local Bank Branch
SERVICES We specialize in mortgages only. We do not offer any other products and/or services. This way we can focus on providing undivided attention to our client's mortgage needs They offer many different services. The officer who will work on your application is also required other bank related services, and therefore their time and attention are divided to the many hats they must wear on a daily basis. 
RATES We work with 50+ lenders and therefore can shop the market to bring you the best mortgage products and the lowest rates for your situation

May offer their best rate, but may not be able to offer the best mortgage/rate option available in the market.

AVAILABILITY Available during evenings and weekends if needed. More accessible via email, text, calls and for in person meetings. Only available during banking hours, and available for meetings only at the branch. You cannot contact the person working your file on his/her cell, or expect call-backs when they are off.

PRE_QUALIFICATION: Will fully write your application along with complete document review to ensure the best chances of success, helping you prepare as much as possible at the beginning.

PRE-APPROVAL: Then he/she can shop for the best program/rate to put in place a rate-hold (if needed)

Will write the application based on what you state. May not conduct a thorough review of the file until the application goes live (meaning purchase has been made, etc.). This may cause issues with income, etc. before closing.
RELATIONSHIP Small business owner. Business is based solely on happy clients. Customers receive ongoing assistance and support throughout the mortgage term. Banks want clients to have a relationship with the brand (the bank) and not the employees. The person who did your mortgage last time may not be there when you go to renew or refinance.
THE EXPERIENCE Will ensure the people you have entrusted your property purchase/refinance to are all kept in the loop, and any issues addressed without any cause for worry on your part. The mortgage agent/broker works as part of the team helping to make your experience as best as it can be. As the bank employee has to do many things, they are often not able to provide the best experience. They may not be able to update you, the realtor, the lawyer each step of the way (which is important for a great experience)

Will help educate you so that when you make a decision you are well informed. That way you can be in the driverseat.

Will not be able to spend the extra time needed to help educate you so that you know the differences between things such as STANDARD OR COLLATERAL MORTGAGE, PORTABILITY, ASSUMABILITY, etc. There are many things involved in a mortgage program other than just rate which may be extremely important to your unique situation.
AFTER TRANSACTION CARE Provides you with periodic market updates, your property valuation estimates, monthly budget planning to help pay your mortgage off sooner, and reminders ahead of time when your renewal is coming up. The banks typically have no follow-up or client care vehicles through which they can provide ongoing customer care. Once you get the mortgage, that is all until renewal time.