Tommy Hilfiger

Author: Mock Webware |

As a first time buyer, I was really torn between continuing to rent or whether I was ready to jump into home ownership.
I had saved up, researched, but was still nervous of the commitment.
The first mortgage broker I contacted told me to first complete the application before he could meet me, which was a turn off for me.
I wanted my questions answered fiirst, and fears calmed by professional advice.
I was given Taufeeq's contact by a co-worker who had dealt with him before.
The call was easy, he made no promises and simply told me his commitment was to make sure he did everything he could to help me.
He even made time to meet with me just to go over my questions although I had warned him I was not decided on what I would do or even who I would deal with.
After speaking with him, it did not take me long to decide to move ahead.
He laid out the plan from start to finish, and for me the best was that he was always available (even a couple of late eve calls)!
We prepared early, and he made sure I was aware of each step. The closing was smooth, and not the nightmare I had envisioned.
If you want a guy that makes no promises and simply does his job to make sure he looks after you, then he is your guy.
You won't get any BS, just plain effort.
Keep up the good work!