First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Milton, Ontario

Purchasing a home is one of the most exciting experiences in life. That is especially true and more profound when it is your very first home. At YLM we have gone through that experience as buyers ourselves, and completely understand and anticipate the many questions and concerns you may have.

That is why we came up with our New Purchase Overview and Checklist to help explain and guide you through the process, one step at a time.

We know that mortgage rates are front and center on your mind, but your mortgage contract is more than simply just the rates.

Consider an experience where you are explained in detail what the next steps in the process are, who will be involved to assist you along the way, and an open communication channel where each and every question or concern you have is addressed as we move along.

That is what we do, take the time to understand, discuss and move forward together.

Our commitment to you

  • Review all your supporting documents and credit beforehand
  • Help you find how much you can afford
  • Discuss options that would be available for you
  • Go over the entire process, including which professionals are involved and what the steps are
  • Provide guidance and answers to your questions when you have them

That is the best way you can move forward with confidence, knowing you are getting the best that is available for you.