Mortgage Renewal Services Milton, Ontario

Congratulations on making it through your mortgage term…now it is time to find out if you truly have the best mortgage / rate option from your present lender

Let us help you find out!

Your lender may have already done so, or they will be sending a renewal letter stating that you should "Take advantage of their low rate offer before the rates rise, as well as avoid any mortgage renewal fees by doing so". The old carrot and stick approach that unfortunately gets many to sign the dotted line without a second thought.

But is your lender putting their best foot forward to retain YOU, their valued clients?

If you sign and send that letter back, you will never know. But if you hold off, you may find out that their offer may not be the best of what is out there! A lender will not shop your mortgage for you. That would surely mean losing you to a competitor in many cases.

If you wish to do it yourself, it would mean visiting each lender, submitting an application (which would affect your credit score), and then following up periodically to see if their program is still the best out there.

Here is how we help simplify the process for you:

6 Months from maturity date - Discuss your life / financial priorities to know what product will suit your needs best.
4 Months from maturity date - Place a rate-hold (wherever possible) to protect your application against any potential rate increase.
30 days from the maturity date - Conduct a final review to ensure the rate-hold is still the best out there.
That is how you prepare and get the best. Preparation is what gets the best results!